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- Notable Immigrants -

Yogi Berra

yogi_berra— Baseball Hall of Famer

Lawrence Peter "Yogi" Berra was raised by immigrant parents who crossed through Ellis Island in 1909.

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What To Expect And Plan For On The Islands

securty_checkSecurity And Safety Guidelines:

Visitors to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island must pass through primary security screening (similar to airport security procedures) before boarding the ferry system. As part of security procedures at the park, it is recommended that you include ample time and maintain a flexible schedule to include security screening and boarding the ferry. Please keep in mind that the wait times can be several hours, particularly during peak seasons.

Prohibited Items At The Park:

All weapons, including firearms, knives, mace, etc., any dangerous items, and any "dual-use" items that could be dangerous are strictly prohibited in the park and on the ferry system. Do not carry any of these type of items into the security screening area. Items that are confiscated will not be returned. If you are unsure about an item, please do not bring it.

LARGE* packages, backpacks, suitcases, carry-on luggage and other large parcels will not be permitted on the ferry systems or at Liberty and Ellis Islands. *(Anything that cannot fit into a standard plastic milk crate).

Visitors and their belongings are subject to inspection. The National Park Service appreciates your patience and understanding during these procedures and the additional time that may be required to complete them.

Please note that there are no locker storage facilities at the ferry terminals. Lockers, for small items, are available at Liberty Island.

If you have any questions regarding security procedures, please contact the park in writing prior to your visit at:

National Park Service
Statue of Liberty National Monument
Liberty Island, NY, NY 10004
Attn: Division of Interpretation & Visitor Services

The Statue Of Liberty And Ellis Island Security

The security and safety of these two historical monuments is of top priority to Evelyn Hill, Inc., the National Parks Service, and the citizens of this great country. We work tirelessly to protect the lasting security of these landmarks and in this effort, we, and the NPS, have initiated these guidelines.

park_service_boat_patrolTo learn more about September 11th and it's impact on these Monuments please visit the NPS 9.11.01 remembrance site.

Newest Guidelines:

•Immediately following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty were closed to visitors. Liberty Island was reopened to visitors in December 2001. After the September 2001 closure, the National Park Service and the Department of the Interior began a comprehensive series of safety and security assessments at the Statue.
•The assessments showed that there were a number of steps that needed to be taken before the National Park Service could responsibly welcome visitors back into the Statue. The National Park Service moved forward with the improvements, and they have since been completed.
• As of October 29, 2011, access to the interior of the Statue of Liberty will be restricted due to long-planned improvements to the interior.

Safety Improvements Since 9/11

•Removed all combustibles from the monument.
•Overhauled fire detection and alarm systems.
•Compartmentalized spaces in lower levels of the monument.
•Constructed interior fire-rated stairways and corridors.
•Installed emergency lighting and upgraded lighting throughout the structure.
•Installed smoke dampers in heating and cooling system.
•Installed exit signs and emergency push bars.
•Replaced elevator fuel with less combustible soy-based fuel.

Security Improvements Since 9/11

•Enhanced security screening for all visitors at Battery Park and Liberty State Park prior to boarding ferries.
•Developed security screening and 100% ID checks for all staff, concessionaires, and contractors.
•Increased explosive detection K-9 capability. U.S. Park Police sweeps all visitor ferries and delivery trucks.
•Initiated 24-hour marine law enforcement patrol for Liberty and Ellis Islands with thermal imaging and night vision capability. Obtained more effective boats and installed barge dock.
•Created restricted water zone around Liberty and Ellis Islands.
•Increased nighttime law enforcement with land-based thermal imaging capability.
•Installed new barriers at the Ellis Island service bridge.
•Assigned U.S. Park Police detectives permanently to FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces in New York and New Jersey to enhance information on potential threats.
•Increased U.S. Park Police and National Park Service staffing to implement security plan.
•Improved communications and radio equipment.