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- Notable Immigrants -

Admiral Hyman G.
Rickover, USN

hyman_rickover— "Father of the Nuclear Navy"

Born in Makow, Russia (now Poland) in 1900, Hyman Rickover came through Ellis Island as a six-year-old with his parents

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Environmental Conservation

Evelyn Hill, Inc. has always been interested in conservation and environmental protection. As the official concessionaire of the Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island we have made great steps forward on our path toward sustainability and low impact operations. Some of our efforts are outlined below.

evelyn_hill_inc_logoAlso check out our Environmental Accomplishments and the many Associations we have joined.

Lady Liberty ... A Symbol Of Stewardship

• Over 390,000 Pounds of material was recycled in 2010.
• 93.56% of all refuse was recycled.
• 49,000 Pounds of compost was generated.
• 17,000 pounds of compancted plastic bottles were recycled.

Our Greensponsibilities

greensponsible_logoThe Liberty Island Gift Pavilion

• LEED Platinum Certified
• Geothermal heating & cooling system
• Recycled content of the building is 43%
• LED lighting reduces electric demand by 65%
• Rainwater collection reduces water usage by 40%
• Restrooms feature waterless urinals and ultra-low flush toilets
• Used cooking oil from Crown Cafe powers a generator that provides some electricity to the gift pavilion

We Use 100% Green Power.

green_power_partnersAny organization’s purchased electricity use can be a significant source of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. This is why Evelyn Hill joined the "EPA Green Power Partnership" and has reduced our environmental impact while also providing these valuable benefits to our operations on the islands:

•Avoid carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions
•Reduce some types of air pollution
•Hedge against future electricity price increases
•Serve as a brand differentiate
•Generate customer, investor, or stakeholder loyalty and employee pride
•Create positive publicity and enhance your organization’s public image
•Demonstrate civic leadership3_degrees_certificate


We Harness The Power Of The Wind.

Evelyn Hill, Inc. helps fund carbon reduction and clean energy projects in our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint as well as set the industry standard in green technology. To read more about 3Degrees and their mission check them out at

We Strive To Bring Healthier Food To The Public.

We are Certified as a Green Restaurant and currently serve these organic foods:

•All Produce
•Freshly squeezed orange juice/other juices
•French fries
•Domino Sugar
•Whole fruit

We Also Offer The Following Meats Raised Natural And Local:

nutrition_at_liberty_islandBeef: Our hamburgers are from locally raised Angus beef. They both are fed naturally using sustainable farming methods and are free of antibiotics and hormones.

Our Statue of Liberty bottled water is from a local spring.

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